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Testimonials from Parents

“My son Rishi has a wonderful time at Khel.  The opportunity to have a hands on experience in a creative environment under the guidance of young and energetic tutors has solidified his growing interest and passion for Robotics.  I am certain that attending Khel has given him the comfort level to be at ease with Robotics and Science.”

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-05 at 23.10.56Biology and Chemistry classes at Khel are making my concepts much clearer.
I am able to understand more and retain better which is helping me perform well in school.

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I benefit from the science classes at KHEL. All of the teachers help me in understanding what I am learning,
when I have trouble with a concept in class the teachers help me understand it better.

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By taking cources at KHEL I am able to understand my curriculum at school in a deeper manner.
KHEL has exposed scientific concepts and by taking classes at KHEL I can look at science is a different way.

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From taking science classes at KHEL, I am able to more fully understand the topics we are taught at school, and am able to make better connections.
Taking classes at KHEL has let me get more involved with the subjects I am learning.
Diyala Bera

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-05 at 23.09.11As a freshman, I was just introduced to harder and more complex concepts at school. As the work load gets more and the topics we study get more difficult,
I benifit by coming here to clear any doubts I may have had and to gain a deeper understanding on the subject matter that is being covered in school.
Sanya Bhatia