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Physics Syllabus

Coordinate Systems, Scalars, Vectors, Vector Mathematics

Displacement, Speed and Velocity, Acceleration, Uniformly accelerated motion and the big five, Kinematics with Graphs, Free fall and Projectile Motion.

Newton’s Laws:
The first law, second law, third law, Newton’s Law of Gravitation, Gravitational Attraction Due to an Extended Body, Weight, The Normal Force, Friction, An Overall strategy, Pulleys, Inclined Planes.

Work, Energy and Power
Work, Work done by variable Force, Circuit Analysis, Kinetic Energy, Work Energy Theorem, Potential Energy, Conservation of Mechanical Energy.

Thermal Physics
Temperature Scales, Physical Changes Due to Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer, Thermal Expansion, Kinetic Theory of Gases, The ideal Gas Law, Laws of Thermodynamics.

Linear Momentum
Another look at Newton’s Second Law, Impulse, Conservation of Linear Momentum, Collisions

Curved and Rotational Motion
Uniform Circular Motion, Center of Mass, Rotation and Translation, Rotational Dynamics, Torque, Equilibrium, Angular Momentum, Conservation of Angular Momentum, Rotational Kinematics, Kepler’s Laws.

Simple Harmonic Motion, Kinematics of SHM, The Spring- Block oscillator: Vertical Motion, Pendulums.

Electrical Forces and Fields
Electric Charge, Coulomb’s Law, The Electric Field, Conductors and Insulators

Electric Potential and Capacitance

Electrical Potential Energy, Electrical Potential, Capacitance, Electric Field and Capacitors, Dielectrics

Direct Current Circuits

Electric Current, Resistance, Voltage, Electric Circuits, Circuit Analysis, Combination of Resistors

Magnetic Forces and Fields

The Magnetic Forces and Fields, The Magnetic Force on a Moving Charge, The Magnetic Force on a Current Carrying Wire, Magnetic Fields Created by Current Carrying Wires

Electromagnetic Induction

Motional EMF, Magnetic Flux, Magnets


Transverse Traveling Waves, Superposition of Waves, Standing, Sound Waves, Resonance for Sound Waves, The Doppler Effect


The Electromagnetic Spectrum, The Doppler effect for light, Interference and Diffraction, Reflection and Refraction, Mirrors, Thin Lenses

Modern Physics

The Rutherford Model of the Atom, Photons and The photoelectric effect, The Bohr Model of the Atom, Wave-Particle Duality, Nuclear Physics, Radioactivity, Nuclear Reactions, Special Relativity, Contemporary Physics