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Physics Instructor:

Mr Pabbathi

  • Has experience of teaching 10,000 students over 7 years in India, making many students successful in securing admissions to reputed Engineering and Medical Colleges nation wide.
  • Worked as a Lecturer In good colleges like Sri Chaitanya ,Ratna and Ramayya.
  • His students achieved several state ranks including state 1st

Mechatronics Instructor:

Andi Li

  • Applications Engineer at Absolute Robot Incorporated.
  • Years of research and project experience in Robotics.
  • Master Degree in Robotics – Cornell University.
  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering – Cornell University.

Java Instructor:

Mr Carlson

  • Former Captain of VRC Team 2625, the 2013 World Champions.
  • Former Member of VEXU Team QCC2, the 2015 World Champions.
  • Competed at World Champions 5 Times.
  • Recipient of the NASA Fellowship Award.

Srinivas Lade

Student of Mass Academy of Math and Sciences at WPI.

Robotics Instructor:

Srinivas Lade

Student of Mass Academy of Math and Sciences at WPI


Junior at BUA who is FRC Team 246’s Captain.

Biology Instructor:

Vrinda Punj 

Shrewsbury High School Senior

Python Instructor

Prathyusha jakkula

  • Batchelor of Instrumentation Engineering
  • A professional Software Engineer with nearly 3 years of experience specializing in the field of embedded systems.

Chemistry Tutor


  • Guest Lecturer in Multiple colleges
  • Part of PhD, taught Postgraduate students
  • 6 International publication and 2 patents
  • Recipient of university gold medal and cash prize in Postgraduation
  • Recipient of University rank in B.Sc. (Industrial chemistry)
  • Certified in NMR Spectroscopy in liquid & Solid State: Principles & Applications IISc, Bangalore.
  • Certified in Computational Molecular modelling