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These classes will challenge students to go beyond their grade level education and pursue higher level learning in the fields of Biology and Chemistry and Physics. Students as young as middle school are challenged to study high school level material and content through weekly lectures and reading assignments.The purpose of these classes is to teach Biology and Chemistry and Physics at the introductory high school level and thus prepare them for the respective SAT II subject tests.

Class Structure:

The class will function similar to a college course with one lecture a week, weekly in-class assignments, exams, and reading homework. The lectures will last approximately 90 minutes and will include 30 minutes of activities and exercises to ensure that the student fully understands the topics.While this may seem rigorous,students will utilize online web simulations, virtual reality software and online labs so that they are fully engaged and attentive throughout the duration of the course. Lab experiments will typically be conducted in groups or pairs so students may need to work together to get certain assignments done.


Progress reports will be handed out throughout the course so that students and their parents will be able to follow along and track their progress and performance in the class. Conferences are available on request by parents if a child’s performance is not meeting the base standards.Progress reports will include not only the child’s performance but the class averages as well so the student may see where he stands. The grades will be based off of a normal distribution curve so students who score well above the average (even if the average is very low) will receive a good grade. There will be regrade requests available for both the assignments and exams if a student feels that there were mistakes in the grading. There will be a cumulative Final exam at the end of the course to ensure that the student has thoroughly grasped all the concepts taught throughout the class. Students will be handed a manual for each Unit that will contain all the readings that they will need to complete.


Students should bring a writing utensil, a binder and their manual to every class. Phones should beeither silenced or turned off during the lectures There will be work in and out ofclass as students are expected to put in the effort to do the readings aswell as the corresponding homework. While review will be conducted in class,it is important that students study for exams as will since each exam willoften cover a substantial amount of content.